For the past year and a half, small and big businesses all over the United States and the rest of the world have experienced the worst challenges to their survival as a result of the pandemic. Some have had to close and some have hobbled through with the restrictions that have been placed on them. Some are still teetering on the edge of extinction with a heart-stopping pressure that forced them to make difficult choices. These are hard times, as we consider the steps to take that will move us forward and give us hope for the future.

Marketing is a significant part of the dynamics that fuels the success of your business. It is very important to maintain a high profile in the worst of times. Especially now, in times like these, you may be tempted to make cuts to your marketing budget. Tempting or even necessary as that might seem, maintaining even a modest but extremely targeted marketing plan can make the difference between success and failureSo let’s discuss your goals, the actions you may need to implement and the opportunities available to you. As an objective observer and experienced marketing professional, my opinion could be very beneficial to your business and add impetus to future plans. 

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