Replica TAG Heuer Connected was just released!

One of the most interesting things is its price tag. CEO Jean-Claude Biver originally indicated a price of $1400 USD; however this has recently scaled up to $1800 USD, which is a high price for a smart watch, however fairly available for luxury watches. As a status alternative to the Apple replica watches for men, and as a way to engage younger audiences with the TAG Heuer brand, we highly doubt it will be very victorious.

What we don’t know?
Essentially, we don’t know any real details. And there are a few key questions. Will the Carrera Connected have a physical time display window, or will it be 100% digital? There’s speculation that the dial will look like the Heuer 01, however, it still needs some time to reveal.
What will the functionality be? We predict it will play into the active TAG Heuer brand image, with plenty of sports and fitness applications. However, what else on earth will it do?
There is no doubt that one of the biggest questions of all revolves around battery life. It seems that there are two options for TAG Heuer. In one aspect, they can opt for higher-powered gadgetry, in another aspect, they may maintain to use its own skills and try to eke out as many wearable hours as possible from their watch. No matter what, the large 45mm case certainly gives TAG Heuer a decent amount of space fill with circuits, batteries and other related magic.

Three giant companies in their respective fields started their cooperation this year– TAG Heuer replica watches, Intel and Google, which provoked widely discussion in Basel world. After few months, we finally got chance to take a close look about this cooperation.

The big reveal is scheduled for November 9 – and we’ll be bringing you all the details on the day. However until then, let’s divide the fact from the rumor.
Actually quite a lot, first of all, it’s going to have a 45mm titanium case with a very identical form to the modular Heuer 01. The teaser shots confirm this, and let us know that it has a (probably fixed) bezel with five-minute marks as well, and TAG Heuer Connected branding, freeing up vital screen real estate.
We know it will feature the similar wide, perforated strap we’ve seen on the Heuer 01. Furthermore, it is known that it’s possible to be called either the Carrera Wearable 01 or the Carrera Connected.

Currently, if you are searching for a great best watch to add to your collection, or just hunting for a high-end timepiece, then my table below can help you out. Compatible with Android and iOS devices, Android Wear is already on the market (or very close to it) in products by Motorola, LG, Sony, Fossil, Asus and Samsung. At this point you probably don’t need to hear any more from us – just turn up the volume and watch the trailer. (Hot tip: one minute and 10 seconds in you’ll see some dudes flying down Mont Blanc. Yep. Pretty sure we’d crack under that pressure.)

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